• saurabh sagar

All About apple Iphone SE 2020 |Iphone SE price in india

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hi there, in this article let's talk about the new iPhone that is a new iPhone SE version 2 that was just recently launched in fact it's called iPhone SE 2020 edition and if you guys recall the iPhone SE originally in 2016 when it was launched it was a compact size phone it had a 4-inch screen but now this new iPhone SE 2020 is actually nothing but you could say it's the iPhone 8 with the new internals I had the iPhone 8 so I'll talk about it, and I'll also talk about it does it make sense to buy it in India or is there any other iPhone that makes more sense.

I would say if you look at it, this is the first image here you get an idea about the iPhone SE it's exactly the same as the iPhone 8 body that you're having this is in the black,white,red color and if you look at the back it is having that single camera setup this one has a 4.7 inch screen, again it's what do you say slightly around the 720p HD screen that you are getting and it has that 4.7 inches that Apple likes to call that retina HD display so it's slightly around that 720p, I would say if you look at this next image it has a single camera at the back like the iPhone 10 R also this has the single camera so it's like that it's a 12 megapixel but again the good thing with this iPhone SE 2020 is that it comes with the new A13 Bionic chip as you look this is the same associate that is used on the latest iPhone pros.

it's a very powerful chip so that's the beauty of this it's coming with the latest what is a SOC from Apple so it's a very powerful chip that you are getting so that's actually the biggest trump card I would say for me and next if you look at it if you know as I told you though it comes with a single camera because it has that A13 Bionic chip it can do features like that portrait of Bokeh blur , background blur and lighting effects even with a single camera because that A13 neural engine is so curved so you don't have to worry about that it has a single camera you will get that portrait mode and all that stuff, and moving to video also I'm happy to say that it can record video up to 4k it's not restricted to 1080p so you're getting 4k video even with this one and I mean if you look at this it as it's based on iPhone 8 so it does not have that new what we called face ID, the new iPhone SE has the old one physical touch ID so that is something you're gonna get again because of that also you have thick bezels at the top at the bottom so that is something.

again the touch ID if you like it yes you have the touch ID on this but in Apple iPhones others have moved to face ID be next if you look at it the good thing is that it also is ip67 rated so again if you take it outside or have waterfalls on it or anything you don't have to worry and also another good thing is that it still has stereo speakers on it so that's actually a really nice thing and now let's talk about the pricing in US this is priced at $399 about 400 US dollar so it's a very attractive price in the United States but again in India everything is expensive and if you look at the slide in India it starts at 42500 rupees for the base 64 gigabyte opinion and that brings me to the point does it make sense to buy this iPhone SE 2020 in India because at 42500 rupees it's not that budget iPhone like it's in US, it's just about four hundred US dollars so I would say instead of that if you can spend a little bit more I feel the iPhone 10R makes more sense because this is having the slightly older A12 chip but again this is also very very fast so you don't have to worry about that you have the new face ID and also a lot more bigger screen a 6.1 inch screen which will be more useful for content consumption because these days we watch a lot of video content and multimedia on the phones and the battery life will be better than the iPhone SE, on the iPhone 10R has a bigger capacity battery and so I would say yes this is slightly more expensive, the iPhone 10R I was looking at Flipkart it said around 52,000 but generally because now it's old and if I recall last year and the big Amazon sale and stuff the iPhone 10 R was priced at about 40,000 so I feel now also if you fish around with those credit card discount offers and stuff you can get this if you are able to get it around 40-45000 Rs this is a better deal I would say but again if you like that old form factor of the iPhone 8 with those thick buzels at the top at the bottom the iPhone SE 2020 is not a bad phone but again I feel that design is sort of outdated and if I were you I would pick the iPhone 10 R over the iPhone SE 2020 and again even the iPhone 10 R is no slouch the A12 and chip is good enough this will also get what do you say iOS update for the next four years or so so that aspect you don't have to worry about the updates that's the big thing with Apple iPhones even if you buy one or two generation old phones you will get the updates so I feel yes the iPhoneSE 2020 is a good phone but in the US the pricing is very attractive India because it starts at forty two thousand five hundred I would say if you can get the iPhone 10R at a good deal with discounts and stuff and I'm pretty sure because of this lockdown and stuff when it's lifted eventually we will I'm gonna have a lot of sales because these e-commerce companies are on pressures and generally they give discounts and stuff like that so again check out that anyways guys that's it for now thanks for reading and take care.