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FCS Full Form | Ration Card Digitization | Download Ration Card List Online

What is FCS? What is its full form? You may not be familiar with it but if you live in Uttar Pradesh and you want to check the online ration card list or get any more information related to it, then you will find this information in these very Useful facts should be kept on. needed. If you do not yet know about UP FCS, no problem, today we will know in detail about FCS online and all information related to 2019-20 Ration Card.

With the central government, almost all the state government schemes are online and now there are many such works. For which you had to be engaged in the hour line, but now you can find information related to them sitting online. For example, if you want to list ration cards online or information about the new ration card application, you can take it from here.

How to check the online ration card list? Where can I download the application form? Know this before getting information about it

FCS Full Form & Meaning in Hindi

There are many departments of the government that people are not even aware of and one of them is FCS which stands for 'Food and Civil Supplies'.

It is a department that works in both central and state places, its job is to reach out to the common people at a cheap price. FCS has introduced long ago and has probably been functioning since independence. The main objective of the Government of Uttar Pradesh FCS Department is to deliver essential food vendors at affordable prices.

Like, many other important things related to oil, seeds, and crops, as well as the work of the Department of Food and Civil Supplies is also to stop black marketing. So that all the goods can reach the people at a price fixed by the government.

History of FCS:

During World War II (1939–45 AD), an organization was established in 1940 by the then British rule for the distribution and management of food and other essential commodities in India. In 1941, 'Price Controller' and 'Price Control Department' were established by the government, in view of the shortage and price rise in the supply of food and essential commodities during the war.

In the year 1942, due to an increase in work, the department was divided into two parts. The first — the civil supplies department and the second — the earth and number departments whose functions were to maintain and control the supply of essential commodities, respectively, and to determine the retail and wholesale prices of essential commodities to control price increases.

Important information:

The Uttar Pradesh State Employees Welfare Corporation was established in 1960 under the Societies Registration Act in 1960. Its main responsibility is to provide and provide essential commodities of daily use to the employees of the state at cheaper rates than the market rate. Cheap and clean water by setting refreshments in the office premises. For this purpose, the Corporation has Executive Directors, Joint Directors, Deputy Directors, Finance and Accounts Officers, and other managers at the depot level and managers at the water level and others working in the corporation. Presently, the corporation is discharging its responsibilities through 158 depots and 27 refreshments in the state. (Source: https://fcs.up.gov.in/Important/History.aspx)

Every common person should take advantage of it, like other government schemes Ayushman Bharat Yojana, you should take advantage of it. If you want a ration card or any information related to it, you can get it from the FCS department.

How to find the UP Ration Card List?

If you want to check Uttar Pradesh Ration Card List 2020, here we will tell you about the way from where APL can check BPL Ration Card, according to the district, for any type of family, Whether it is rich or not. Or it is necessary to make a ration card for the poor and it is also necessary to have it.

If you have applied for a ration card, you can check the ration card sitting at home through online digital technology.

Step 1. First of all, you go to the online ration card website named fcs.up.gov.in.

Step 2. After visiting the website, click on the National Food Security Act (NFSA) eligibility list with the NFSA option.

Step 3. Now you see the name of your district by the name of the district given in the list and click on it.

Step 4. Now select your block or town which area you live in.

Step 5. Now look at the name of your gram panchayat from the gram panchayat list and click

Step 6. Here you will get the name of the shopkeeper, from where you can get ration and you can see how many ration cards are there in that gram panchayat. If you want to check every person, then you click on the total ration card number, you will get the complete list.

In this way, you can check the ration card of any district, gram panchayat, or any person of the entire Uttar Pradesh online. It will tell you that your ration card is on the list, it is not there, then you can contact the FCS department or the village head for new registration.


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