• saurabh sagar

Xiaomi MI 10 Pro 5G | Full specific review

Xiaomi is making a splash in the flagship market with this MI 10 Pro 5g it brings a 108 megapixel camera tech that Xiaomi made headlines with last winter as well as plenty of other premium features can he give Samsung and Apple a run for their money let's find out in our full review with MI 10 Pro 5g there's no doubt that you're gazing upon a premium device it's made of gently curved Gorilla Glass 5 and it has a solid aluminum frame 10 pro is in the Solstice gray finish for now the device comes strictly in matte color options while it isn't so flashy it still looks great when they catches the light the finish feels great to silky smooth the phone is quite thin at the edges and the sharpness adds a bit of grip as well.

there's something missing here as a flagship and that's ip68 dust and water resistance there is some splash proofing in the design but you don't get the same peace of mind you would with some competitors. MI 10 pro's screen is curved to be symmetrical to the back panel and it's protected by the same Gorilla Glass 5. it's a tall 6.67 with super Amoled,1080p,90 Hz refresh rate. high refresh rate screens are all the rage these days and the MI temp Rose fits the bill with this 90 Hertz refresh rate it makes moving element seems silky smooth to the eye the screen resolution however is only 1080p which isn't quite up to par with the competition.

everything looks pretty sharp, blacks are super deep, and you have lovely colors which can also be said to be quite accurate in settings this display also has excellent brightness up to 510 mins for the manual slider and up to 816 it's in auto mode when out in the Sun so on the visual side of things the experience is great on this device, but Xiaomi has taken care of the audio side as well with its dedicated stereo speakers rather than having the earpiece as one of the speakers. here you get an identical speaker on the top and the bottom of course this means that they're well balanced and if you'd rather use headphones instead you won't find a 3.5 millimeter jack a USB adapter should come in the retail package or you can use USB C or wireless headphones.

unlocking the MI 10 Pro is super easy it uses the latest generation of under display optical fingerprint reader and it responds lightning-fast. The MI 10 pro's interface is xiaomi's MIUI 11 based on android 10. the interface is quite clean and blowed free at least in our global version of the phone as you'd expect from xiaomi there's no app drawer, so your apps will be on the home screen.

you don't get expandable storage on this device so you have to make deal with what's onboard you do get plenty though with options for 256 or 512 gigs. there are also a couple of other features worth mentioning there's an IR blaster which you can use to control appliances with, and there's also support for NFC for connectivity or mobile payments. As a flagship you'd expect nothing less than cutting-edge performance and the me 10 Pro doesn't disappoint here it runs on a snapdragon 865 chipset which supports full 5g connectivity benchmark performance is among the best out there, and the gaming performance here is great especially with games that support the 90 Hertz screen refresh rate and while the phone does get warm after long sessions, we didn't notice any meaningful throttling powering all this is a large 4,500 million power battery it does an excellent job.

the MI 10 pro comes bundled with a laptop grade 65 watt USB C charger even though the phone only supports up to 50 watts still we didn't have any problems and we were able to charge from zero to 77% in just half an hour you also get support for fast wireless charging up to 30 watts which you can achieve with one of xiaomi's proprietary charging pads.

then MI 10 Pro 5G has a high-end quad camera setup on the back not unlike the one you'd find on the Mi note10 , this is a 108 megapixel quad bear main cam ,then there are 2 telephoto cams an 8 megapixel 5 x one and a 12 megapixel 2 x 1 finally there's a 20 megapixel ultra wide snapper with autofocus.

the MI 10 pro has a ton of video recording options including the ability to shoot an 8k at 30fps with a main cam but even if you had a means to play it back in his native resolution the 8K footage isn't that impressive detail wise and it gobbles up storage like there is no tomorrow. In contrast 4k video from the main cam 12 megapixel telephoto camera an ultra wide camera are great totally flag worthy the 8 megapixel telephoto with a 5 times zoom can be used to take video. so that's the MI 10 Pro 5G who would have thought that Xiaomi known for is more budget-friendly phones could offer one of the most cutting-edge devices on the market right now you get a beautiful build a high refresh rate OLED screen , exceptional stereo speakers, top-notch performance excellent battery life with fast charging and one of the best camera experiences you can buy, basically the only things missing here are full waterproofing and expandable storage also the selfie cam is alright but not the best but still these are just nitpicks let's talk price, though at a expected price of 51,190 rupees [and expected lauch date in india 15 may 2020] ,this is up there with the most expensive Xiaomi phones ever made but this is a flagship afterall and it comes with the territory if you're okay with that then the me 10 Pro definitely deserves a recommendation.